Things To Consider Before Buying A Kitchen Tap

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The kitchen tap is used several times a day to wash fruits and vegetables while cooking in most homes. Many companies manufacture faucets for the kitchen, sink, and other areas; these taps vary in their design and price. If the kitchen tap is not appropriately changing, the tap is time-consuming and expensive.

Hence, before having a tap installation performed, it is essential to ensure that your tap is suitable for the home. Some of the main factors which should be considered before choosing the kitchen sink tap are discussed below. 


Tap Usage


Senior citizens and disabled people may sometimes find it challenging to use some taps. Similarly, more minor children may find it difficult to use larger taps. Increasingly, families opt for touchless taps like Fidelis Self Closing Basin Tap FV-23, which turn on and off automatically. Hence it is advisable to consider the requirements of all the family members while choosing a suitable tap.


Water Lines 


The kitchen tap will be connected to the water supply through valves. The pipe and valve size will vary depending on the plumbing system’s design. It is essential to ensure that the kitchen tap can be connected to the valves and piping. Hence it is advisable to check the rating and specifications of the piping valves before tap installation and choosing the right tap.


Tap Location

What you need to know about taps is that in some cases, tap is only used for washing and filling water. In other cases, it may be used for filling large vessels or have a dishwasher connected to it. So in these cases, more space will be required below the tap. The distance between the tap spout and the wall should also be considered. It will be easier to clean larger plates and other items if there is more space.


Type of Sink You Have


It is important to ensure that the kitchen tap will match the dimensions of the sink, which is already installed. In order to install a tap, the sink should be large and strong enough to sustain the weight of the tap selected. In some cases, the sink is fixed on the countertop and is suitable for holding larger kitchen taps.

In other cases, the sink may be fixed to the wall, so a light tap should be considered. Often the sink has holes drilled for fixing the tap, and then the tap selected should have matching holes for quick installation. In the case of a tap replacement for an existing sink tap, the distance between the holes for fixing should be measured. 



Increasingly people wish to use sustainable products to reduce water wastage. Hence people are using a one-way tap or an automatic touchless which uses sensors to detect human presence. Since these faucets automatically will get turned off, users often save a significant amount of water, usually 50% or more. 



Though many people would prefer to install an automated kitchen tap, they feel that it will be very expensive. However, in the last few years, the cost of automated taps has been reduced to a very great extent, so if the buyer considers the reduction in the water bill, the tap is affordable. There are also other models of kitchen taps or kitchen mixer taps available to match the buyer’s budget. 



The kitchen tap is used multiple times a day in most houses, for washing fruits and vegetables as well as cooking. Taps for the kitchen, sink, and other rooms are manufactured by a vast variety of companies, and they vary in style and price. As mentioned, it is important to consider before buying a kitchen tap such as tap usage, water lines, tap location, type of sink you have, and the budget.

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