Tips On How To Ensure That Your Tap is Properly Installed

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Homeowners in Singapore may invest a lot of money in finding the best tap available for their homes. However, if the tap installation is done improperly, they could face problems within a few months or years. Depending on the design, the tap manufacturer will usually specify some guidelines on how to install a tap, and if these guidelines are not followed properly that faucet may malfunction sooner than expected. That is why homeowners who are planning to install a new faucet in their home should read these tips to help ensure that the faucet is properly installed and there is no water leakage or other tap problems.


Hire A Professional Tap Installer


Since the installer connects it to the pipes of the plumbing system, installing a tap is a complex task. Any error can affect the rest of the plumbing system, therefore DIY tap installation or replacement is not recommended. Instead, it is highly recommended to hire a professional for the task. The plumber should have professional qualifications to make sure he is aware of the different types of taps to install in your home, plumbing system designs, and regulatory guidelines for the installation of the taps. The plumber should also be trained professionally and have the experience to minimize errors when installing the tap.


Ensure That Installer has A Proper Plumbing License

There are points to note before hiring a professional plumber for your bathroom taps, and one is to assure the customers that the plumber is well trained and licensed. Homeowners should ask the plumber they plan to hire for their plumbing license to verify the experience and skills of the plumber. Most competent and professional plumbers would be happy to provide details of their licenses to any potential customers. The license will also give you more information about the plumber, like the number of years of experience as a licensed plumber.


The Installer should Have Proper Insurance


In case of an accident or other similar problems, the insurance coverage will ensure that the homeowner does not have to pay any additional amount. This is why it is recommended to make sure that the tap installer has adequate insurance from a reputable insurance provider for the work he is doing.


Read Online Reviews and Ask for References


Most of the reputed plumbers are listed on online directories and review websites, so it is advisable to check online reviews of the plumber before deciding. While almost all plumbers will have a few negative reviews, usually the positive reviews are far higher for competent and top-rated plumbers. It is also best to ask the plumbers with tap services who have been shortlisted for references from their existing customers, so you can talk to them to get honest feedback.



While tap manufacturers provide a warranty for their tap products, a competent plumber will also provide a warranty on the workmanship and installation of the tap. Professional plumbers have installed thousands of taps projects and are fairly confident in the quality of their work that they would fix any problem for free for a period of time as a warranty.



When investing in a new faucet, it is best to hire a professional since it is a complex task requiring you to connect to the pipes of the plumbing system to prevent any of the most common faucet problems. If you are hiring a professional plumber, it is best to check if the plumber is licensed, skilled, and experienced enough. You should also check for reviews and feedback online since most reputable plumbers are listed in online directories and review websites. Lastly, tap installers should provide adequate insurance from a reputed insurance provider in case an accident happens, and also a warranty for their workmanship and installation.


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